Saturday, February 03, 2007

An Announcemint

Starting today, I shall be reviewing a new book every Saturday on the books page of Mint, the new business newspaper started by the Hindustan Times group in partnership with the Wall Street Journal.

As on the Middle Stage, I'm going to write about books with an Indian focus and also work by writers from around the world. I expect that weekly reviewing will impact my blogging slightly - how much work can a man with runs to run, friends to meet, drinks to drink and thoughts to think do after all? - but there should still be a fair share of blog-only pieces on this site.

My first piece is on Christopher Kremmer's superb account of India in the nineties, Inhaling The Mahatma. To read it you'll have to go through a one-time registration, which is free. You can register here.

And Kremmer himself should be on the Middle Stage next week for a books interview.


Paresh Palicha said...

There is something wrong with the link. Please check

Chandrahas said...

Hi Paresh, it should be working now.