Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Reading from Arzee the Dwarf in New York this Thursday

I'm reading in New York this Thursday at Book Thug Nation, a bookstore in Brooklyn. It would be lovely to see you.

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Sumit Agrawal said...

i had read this book a year back... and i had made a note for myself, not about the book or author (you) but what I think of Arzee, the person. Of no use most probably, its poetic and unstructured, but here it is:

So I wonder what is the philosopy of that dwarf.

What would he be when he walks on the boulevards? He can't loose himself in people where his most
personal defect becomes public interest.

His defect and its observers become hateful. His defects has halted his march in the kingdom of dreams. The young dwarf becomes enraged at the Gods. And since he can't do anything to him, he might be vengeful and bitter, against
normal people, who remind him of it and take interest in it.

And when he sleeps, would he murmur sweet dreams in the arms of that night?

Slowly Arzee mellows down, and enjoys some breaks that come his way, and at least at times, is
liberated from his frame and towers over himself, sometimes rather prematurely, other times more naturally.

Only a jester would find it rewarding and entertaining to be a dwarf and only a faqir would have the levity to rise playfully against this mischance.

Arzee is all of these - bitter, jesting, faqir.

Arzee is a philosophical dwarf. He is a man at peace, at leisure, at a distance and so a good narrator.

It is ironic that all the wisdom, all the differences, but we are same at many levels.