Sunday, October 11, 2009

"In That Place Where Mind Meets Mind"

Here is my poem "In That Place Where Mind Meets Mind", which appeared recently in Mint Lounge's new poetry section, Free Verse:

In That Place Where Mind Meets Mind

In that place where mind meets mind
Eye speaks to eye, and in the same breath hears
The long-barred self is intertwined
With one that it both needs and steers
A peace opens out, and a music binds
One moment to another, and day to day
The soul runs free, and all that it finds
It somehow both keeps and gives away.
Such was the place, or such the dream
That smiled, and then from me was taken
I slipped back into the common stream
My life moved on, but my faith was shaken.

And some other poems: "A Poem Is Someone Close To Tears", "Let Us Just Keep Things This Way", and "Song of Arzee the Dwarf".


n said...

tut tut, such a lovely lovely poem but the ending is sad. i was hoping that you just had a glimpse of the ethereal, and while you slipped, you can tell us all that it is there, It Is There. that all that any one of us has to do, is somehow find our way.

Kartikeya Date said...


(Please don't publish the next part of the comment if you feel it is rude, for i have purely as a layperson have taken the liberty of actually offering a suggestion about extending this poem)

I wonder if you could extend it to tell us more about how you have been received by the 'common stream'.... about whether there is some requital in the day-to-day that lifts you. Where do these poems and this writing come from, if not from your day-to-day life?

Notwithstanding my demand, i enjoyed reading this very much.



Anjana Talapatra said...

:) Lovely

Chandrahas said...

N - I can indeed assure you that, to follow your phrasing, It Is There (or that it appears out of nowhere).

Kartikeya - The "common stream" isn't too bad either, and there are many fine things in it, such as the interactions on this space. Indeed, the common stream is (to mix a metaphor) the base-ground of life, and the place that we need to reflect upon and nourish before we can attempt to look elsewhere. But I could hardly extend my poem, as to my eye and ear it seems quite self-sufficient and complete to begin with. Any further explanation would only be at the cost of the poem itself.

S said...

"In this world, there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only do with somebody else. It's important to combine the two in just the right amount."
— Haruki Murakami

D.Balakrishnan said...

I read your piece 'Dyneshwar Kulkarni changes his name'in First Proof-the anthology from Penguin, and liked it much.

Though it was fiction,I felt it might have come out of your bad experience with babudom.

Continue writing and regaling us.