Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reading with Naseer

Few experiences in my life have given me a greater thrill than that of reading with Naseeruddin Shah at the launch of Arzee the Dwarf last week. My own reading skills - reading-aloud skills, I should say - are modest, and therefore I was more than happy to let Naseer take up the gauntlet of interpreting Arzee sonically. Here we are in this photograph reading, leaning in different directions like neighbour trees riven by a stiff wind. And here is some footage (1, 2) of Naseer reading from the book. Besides Naseer, the other protagonists of this video are Arzee and my knobbly knee at bottom left.

I will be back with new essays on books on Wednesday, when I get home from my travels. I am also going to be reading in Delhi (on July 10) and Kolkata (July 17) next month.

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