Monday, November 17, 2008

Coming up this week

Two bits of writing. First an essay on Aravind Adiga's new book Between the Assassinations, and then – finally – something new in the life of the Middle Stage and its rapidly aging author.

And as I never write posts only a paragraph long, a Merry Christmas to you all well in advance.


Anonymous said...

You are getting married!

Chandrahas said...

Anonymous - Good try. But while marriage would certainly mean something to me - I hope especially that I won't have to make my own tea in the mornings then - it won't make any difference to the Middle Stage, who wants only to be single, and even singular. Come back on Friday.

Anonymous said...

But I guess I'm right (check facebook). There're supposed to be serial blasts in Cal starting Friday and I may not live to hear the tale. Confirm so that I can pop off happy.

Chandrahas said...

Saikat - Good try again. But there are a few months for the arrival of my book yet, so I would be jumping the gun if I began posting about it now.

All I was planning was to put up some new kind of work. But I understand the gravity of your tensions, and so I will put it up Thursday night.