Monday, March 10, 2008


Rohit Chopra, who writes Anti-History/In Another Life, one of the couple of dozen blogs I read carefully, has just launched a new webzine, Interjunction, with his friend and fellow academic Chindu Sreedharan. Here's an extract from their introductory letter to readers:

Interjunction is ...a bridge across media and academia. A platform. At its simplest, it is a multi-blog. At its best, a full-fledged newszine on issues of interest to media professionals and academics.

We also see it as a networking tool, a forum that will put journalists and academicians from across the world in touch. Read more about our objectives here.
And here's the link to the lead piece in the first issue: "Whose Prince? Whose War?".

I've been thinking of what to write for Interjunction, but distressingly I can't think of any media-related topic that I really want to talk about - analysis has always been my weak point - other than the cheque for Rs.1000 I received from Biblio last September for a piece on Orhan Pamuk I'd written for them early in 2004. The other exceptional attribute of this cheque was that it was dated 2004. I feel my thoughts on this matter will turn out to be too trivial, too personal, for the readers of Interjunction. But I'm working on it, Rohit.

If you'd like to contribute to Interjunction, email Rohit at

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