Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some recent reviews

As I have lots and lots of work to take care of, and then more lots once those first lots are over, I haven't been able to write a post this week.

But here are links to some recent reviews for Mint: on Akbar Ahmed's Journey Into Islam, Nalini Jones's debut collection of stories What You Call Winter, Christopher Hitchens's God Is Not Great, and Paul Collier's The Bottom Billion.

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Hari said...

Like Hitchens, two other prominent authors, Richard Dawkins (The god delusion) and Sam Harris (The end of faith), have recently written books that are critical of religion. I haven't read them but here's the link to an excellent lecture by Sam Harris , in which he makes some very telling points. Also, here's my post on the lecture.

Collier's work, The Bottom Billion, seems very interesting. You mention Jeffrey Sach's book in the review. I read about half of the book, and though Sachs makes some good points (he also uses the bottom billion argument), I didn't think the book was well written. Thanks to your review, I'll be giving Collier a try soon.