Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back on Sunday

I have a long essay on Ashis Nandy's very good book Talking India ready, but since it began as a review for a newspaper and that piece is out on Sunday, I'll have to wait for Sunday before I can put it up.

And although I have many exciting new books on my desk - such as Terrestrial Intelligence and World Beat, two beautiful new anthologies of world prose and poetry from New Directions, one of my favourite publishing houses; the scholar of religion Karen Armstrong's The Great Transformation, and Frederick Brown's beautiful new biography of Flaubert (you can read a chapter of Brown's very rich, satisfying descriptions of Flaubert's world here) - I have so much else to do by way of planning and preparation before I leave on Thursday that I've left pieces on these books for after I come back.

Thanks again for all the kind emails and comments, and there'll be a new piece here on Sunday morning. If you'd like to read any of my older work in the meantime, most of my good older pieces are linked to from here.

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