Monday, June 06, 2005

Unemployed at last!

"Unemployed at last!" So goes the first line of Tom Collins's Such Is Life, a classic of Australian literature, and that, my dear readers, exactly describes my condition right now. May was my last month at work for the magazine Wisden Asia Cricket, and from this month I'm going to a free man, and earn my living from writing.

I have a lot of things lined up in terms of work and writing, but I'd also like in my new life to greatly expand my range of experience - to meet new people, travel to new places, and learn a new skill or two. I expect that time, which is such a problem when one has a day job, will not be a constraint any more. In fact the new problem may be that of learning how to use all my time properly.

Conversation, the very motor of life, occupies a position of importance in my new scheme of things. So if you, dear reader, have any good stories to tell or anything that would interest me, please email me. for instance, I'd like very much to find out how a tea garden is run, or how it's like living on board a ship, or how the restaurant business works. I'm already looking forward to the next Mumbai blogger's meet.

And of course there'll be plenty more time for reading now, so I'll attempt to put up a post about a book or a writer every two to three days.

Unemployed at last!.

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