Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Ssh...Act Two's beginning

Hi all. My name is Chandrahas, I'm Amit's friend and cricket-writing colleague at Wisden Cricinfo, and now, at his invitation, his new co-blogger on The Middle Stage.

What will I be bringing to The Middle Stage? Well, when I joined Cricinfo straight out of university two years ago, I found that the desk that had been assigned to me was right in the centre of our little office, and just across me on the other side of the corridor running through office was Amit. We soon found out that we shared many interests in literature, film, politics, economics and philosophy; he brought to my attention many interesting things I didn't know about, and I managed to repay the compliment on the odd occasion. I'd like to think that, on The Middle Stage, we're now going to be directing those cross-corridor office conversations out into the great wide world of the blogosphere.

Enough, then, by way of introduction. My first post follows soon.

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