Monday, February 07, 2005

The man who stood up for Iraqi freedom

No, not George W Bush, writes Glenn Reynolds, but Bill Clinton. Regime change in Iraq became US government objective because of the Iraq Liberation Act that Clinton signed in 1998, he points out, and Al Gore supported it wholeheartedly.

If it was Clinton's idea to begin with, why are Democrats like Ted Kennedy and John Kerry so vociferously in denial about how well the Iraqi elections went? Reynolds writes:
I think it's jealousy. Bush-hatred has become all-consuming among a large section of the Democratic Party, and they can't stand the thought of anything that reflects well on him, even if it's good for the country, and if it's something that was their idea originally.

The question is whether the Democratic Party -- which ought to be cheering events that vindicate Clinton's policies -- will do itself fatal damage by giving in to envy. Such small-mindedness doesn't suggest a party that's ready to govern.

(Link via Vinod.)

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