Monday, December 20, 2004

"Welcome to the female mind"

We always survey the room to see who is our competition. If you doubt me, watch women when they enter [a] room - or watch yourself, if you are a woman. I'm as guilty as the next person. I notice this especially at parties or at the gym. We take a casual glance around, looking to see who looks better than us, who is with someone and who is not. We look for wedding bands, frumpy clothing, bad hair, make-up applied with a palette knife. Then, if we find someone who may possibly be more attractive than us, we look for flaws: isn't her nose a hair too long? Her knees are knobby. Her teeth are unattractively crooked. Her laugh is horrifying. Then we immediately feel better about ourselves. However, if the woman is deemed more attractive than ourselves, we are immediately jealous and try to see more devious flaws that may not be obvious to the naked eye. Clearly she is married, but flirting with another man (she may just be asking for the time - but we don't care). Perhaps we know she has children (two kids and she has the nerve to look that good?!) and she is out late - lousy mother. Yes, gentlemen, welcome to the female mind.

From "Antics of Women", a post by Ally Eskin on her blog, Who Moved My Truth? The quoted bit was antic 1 of 5. Read the rest.

Discovered via Keith Burgess-Jackson.

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