Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A long interview in Interjunction

This week I have a long interview, in which I discuss Arzee the Dwarf, writers I love, reading, and The Middle Stage, up on the web journal Interjunction here.


roswitha said...

Good stuff! Your writing advice is great, but I especially enjoyed your answer to the question about the book's relationship with Bombay and how it aligns with your own.

Kartikeya said...

Tottenham Hotspur? Why??

Aditya Mani Jha said...


Willa Cather. Hmmm.. have to read more of her to make a really informed comment(just "Death Comes For The Archbishop" so far)

I love it that you recommend "unsystematic" reading... when I was about twelve, I decided to tackle The Russians, but I now know I went about it in a near-robotic manner which didn't do them justice.. after I went to college, I began reading Anna Karenina again.. and it was sheer joy.. over the years I've found myself returning to the Russians, haphazardly, intermittently.. and I'm loving it! ( Discovering along the way, among other things, that Notes From The Underground deserves to be at least as well-known as Crime and Punishment)

And finally, as an old follower of The Middle Stage, I'm glad that you are looking forward to devoting more time to it :)

P.S. Tough luck on the Commonwealth Award.. I'm happy you got nominated on your debut, though..