Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Arzee the Dwarf in Hyderabad, and a roundup of interviews

I am reading from Arzee the Dwarf this Saturday in Crossword Bookstore, Hyderabad, and will be in conversation with the poet Sridala Swami. Here are the details of the event:

Saturday September 19, 5.30 pm
Crossword Bookstore,
City Center, 1st Floor, Shop No. 101-108,
Junction of Road No. 1 & 10,
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500 034.

And one of the pleasures of the last three months has been the opportunity to speak about the book: a chance to answer questions instead of asking them, and to speak not just about my novel but about literature, classics, reading, and reviewing (and about writing this weblog). So I'm taking the opportunity to also put up a list of links to Arzee-related interviews in newspapers and journals, and on some weblogs. Here they are: the Hindu, the Deccan Herald (a longer version of this exchange is on Vinayak Varma's weblog), DNA, Rediff (this one seems to have made me plenty of fresh enemies), Book Nook and Scribbles and Stories.

If don't sound like the same person across these interviews (the only one for which I actually wrote answers is the penultimate one), this only shows, I think, that interviewers are also interpreters, and hear and transmit the rhythms of a person's voice differently from one another.


Rahul Bhatia said...

"...this only shows, I think, that interviewers are also interpreters, and hear and transmit the rhythms of a person's voice differently from one another."

This line deserves an award. Or at least dinner.

james said...

completely agree on coelho/brown and hope that was the enemy generating element. any suggestions of where to get arzee in the UK?

Zeba said...

Hey! You are probably on your way to Hyderabad as I type this. I was there at your book reading in Manipal university. I loved the talk. Found it very helpful. Thank you. Going to read your book now! Will let you know what I think of it when I am done! Good luck.

VJ said...

heyy ,

I am big fan of your blog and your reviews have helped me discover some great books over the last one year (ex . Netherlands, Men in white , 65 Lakh heist etc ..) thank you for that ! But you don't post all the reviews you do for Mint here on the blog ? Now I have to check 2 places :-) Are there other places you review other than for Mint?

Chandrahas said...

Rahul - Awards come and go, but dinners are forever. Let me know when I can drop by.

James - I don't think you can get Arzee in the UK just yet. Why don't you ask one of your many South Asian contacts to send it to you? All else failing, I myself may be in England soon for a little vacation, in which case I'll bring along a few copies to work as as foreign exchange.

Zeba - Many thanks for coming to my lecture and for buying a copy. I love the energy of university talks and readings, and was pleased that so many of you bought copies. I hope that the book doesn't disappoint you.

VJ - No, I don't post all the reviews I write for Mint on my blog. But it's just a case of bookmarking two pages instead of one in your internet browser. Glad that my work has been of help in your reading life. I do occasionally review for other newspapers as well, but 52 pieces a year are work enough!

Anonymous said...

you know, i only started reading your blog since last week, and there are so many wonderful posts you have written that i am completely besotted with your blog! especially the artwork in the left panel of your blog gives an edge to the presentation too, along with the content, of course.

there was a blog on literature and art that i used to follow but the author of the blog suddenly, one day, decided to open it only to selected readers.

i request you to, please not do that, because i am really enjoying reading your posts. please please please don't do that.

thanks! and do you know if i can get the book in New Zealand yet?

good day! :)

James Sharrock said...

i did just that Chandrahas! a friend picked up a signed copy too. good to have books being sent in the other direction for once, seems symbolic of something or other. look forward to reading it.

Chandrahas said...

Uma - Thank you for your lovely message. I'm very pleased that my blog has proved to be worthy of your time and attention. You don't need worry: The Middle Stage will aways be free to read, since one of its goals is to spread the word about all the beauties of literature! You won't get my book in New Zealand though, I'm afraid. But if James here reads it and doesn't like it, he may post it to you.

James Sharrock said...

i believe in the republic of letters, even a virtual and middle stage-based one. osho et al tell us sharing is loving too. but my copy is finished with travelling. there are too many quotable/re-readable bits, and the wee fellow arzee has such verve along the way!